Where can I find technical documentation?

To find our developer docs and API reference guide go to https://docs.rapyd.net

You can also ask any questions in our Developer Community, and discuss with other fintech developers.

How do I make my first API call?

For more information on how to make your first API call, visit https://docs.rapyd.net/docs/make-your-first-api-call

Where do I find the API keys?

API Keys are found in Client Portal in the "Developer Tab"

Where do I define the webhook endpoints?

Webhook endpoints and enabled events can be configured in the Developers section in your Client Portal. For more details, please refer to https://docs.rapyd.net/docs/defining-a-webhook-endpoint

I am having problems authenticating my API calls, where can I find help regarding the signature creation process?

For more information on request signatures, visit https://docs.rapyd.net/build-with-rapyd/reference/message-security#request-signatures

What native frameworks do you support?

Rapyd hosts a RESTful backend service therefore is framework agnostic meaning any language can be used.

Rapyd provides a JavaScript Library with the Checkout Toolkit in addition to iOS/Android mobile SDKs.

Do you support 3D secure card payments?

Yes, we support 3D secure for more information please go to https://docs.rapyd.net/docs/card-payment-with-3ds-verification

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