You can create a refund when a payment is closed. When a refund is made, the money is returned to the payment method that was used to make the payment.

  • Note: to refund a payment where the funds are collected from two or more payment methods, see Create Group Refund.

Create Refund Request

"payment": "payment_f379e572d074e81822693f96a51e572c"


Create Refund Response

"status": {
"error_code": "",
"status": "SUCCESS",
"message": "",
"response_code": "",
"operation_id": "c65fcf78-aa4e-45be-aaae-2e77665ad1a5"
"data": {
"id": "refund_9a083a4cd5afef0c39b8a133783edadb",
"amount": 1,
"payment": "payment_f379e572d074e81822693f96a51e572c",
"currency": "SGD",
"failure_reason": "",
"metadata": {},
"reason": "",
"status": "Completed",
"receipt_number": 0,
"created_at": 1631049435,
"updated_at": 1631049435,
"merchant_reference_id": "",
"payment_created_at": 1631044225,
"payment_method_type": "sg_credit_visa_card",
"ewallets": [
"ewallet": "ewallet_db4ad4a76278f94c4a83dd9b28b483ed",
"amount": 1
"proportional_refund": true,
"merchant_debited_amount": null,
"merchant_debited_currency": null,
"fx_rate": null,
"fixed_side": null

"fixed_side": null

  • If you are running this method in the sandbox and the payment method requires the action of a third party, to complete your refund simulation you must run Complete Refund.

  • Note: You can create a refund using the Client Portal, or Create Refund API call.

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